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VersaStar™ DLX4 Series & DLX6 Series are vesatile LED Warning Lights that are built with fully encapsulated circuitry and can be mounted just about anywhere, interior or exterior! DLX4s & DLX6s are the same size which allows for easy relocation or reconfiguration. The DLX4s are designed for flush or bracket mounting while the DLX6s are designed for bracket mounting only. The DLX6 also incorporates a heavy duty heat sink. These high intensity LED lights are reverse polarity protected and current limiting protection over the entire operating voltage is standard. S-LINK SYSTEM™ is also standard offering synchronizing capability with other STAR LED units along with 21 customer selectable flash patterns that give these LED lights versatility in the field. Optional mounting brackets are available. Ships complete with permanent mounting hardware, gaskets, and instructions. Incredibily BRIGHT and compact! One of the best series we carry.

Product Features: •DLX4 LED heads are designed for flush or bracket mounting •DLX6 LED heads are designed for bracket mounting only •DLX4 & DLX6 LED heads are the same size •DLX4 & DLX6 LED heads are interior or exterior mount •DLX6 LED heads incorporate a heavy duty heat sink •Snap on, weather resistant bezels •Flashback hoods available in DLX4 or DLX6 Series and are interior mount only •S-LINK SYSTEM™ synchronizing capability with other STAR LED units •Split color combinations available (excludes DLX4-HK2 & DLX6-HK2 Series) •Fully encapsulated circuitry •High intensity, STAR Generation-4 LEDs •Reverse polarity protection •Current limit protection over entire operating voltage •21 Customer selectable flash patterns; including Steady-On •Dimensions: 1” H x 3-5/8” W x 3/4” D (DLX4 & DLX6) •Voltage: 10V - 30V DC •Amp Draw: DLX4: 0.7 Amps @ 12V DC, 0.3 Amps @ 24 V DC (max) •Amp Draw: DLX6: 0.9 Amps @ 12V DC, 0.5 Amps @ 24V DC (max) •Color Combinations: Amber/Amber, Blue/Blue, Green/Green, Red/Red, White/White, Amber/Blue, Amber/Red, Amber/White, Red/Blue, Red/White, Blue/White •Approvals: DLX4: Class I, California Title 13 (Amber, Blue, Red, White) •Approvals: DLX6: Class I, California Title 13 (Amber, Blue, Red, White, Red/Blue)

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